Get The Massive Orchestral Bundle by Impact Soundworks For Only $99!

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If you still have money leftover from Black Friday then we have good news for you.

AudioPluginDeals (APD) is a new web store dedicated to providing quality high valued audio software, at deeply discounted no-brainer prices.

APD offers insane short-term sales promotions from a different audio software developer once every 2 weeks.

The website just went live with the first deal, a massive Orchestral Bundle by Impact Soundworks (recently featured here on ANR with their brilliant Super Audio Cart and Shakuhachi sample libraries).

Experience the best of Impact Soundworks with this exclusive no-brainer deal valued at $585.00.
Hurry, get this insane bundle of 5 products for only $99 before it’s too late.

This bundle includes:

Vocalisa, Slavic (Bulgarian-style) singing as performed by an all-female choir

Rhapsody, an all-in-one symphonic library

Rhapsody, a comprehensive collection of 50 traditional & extended percussive instruments

Furia, designed for powerful ensemble string staccatos

Bravura Scoring Brass, a complete collection of orchestral brass ensembles, soloists, and aleatoric FX

The bundle requires the full version of Kontakt.

Visit APD to read more and buy the Impact Soundworks Orchestral Bundle at only $99!

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