FL Studio Mobile 3 Is Out For All Platforms, But You Might Want To Wait – Here’s Why…

Here is some big update news from Image-Line, but heed the warning before you take the plunge!
FL Studio Mobile 3 is now available on Android, iOS and Windows App devices. FL Studio Mobile 2 development has officially ended with FL Mobile 2.5.4 (iOS) and 2.0.9 (Android).

FL Studio Mobile 3 is a free update for all FL Studio Mobile 2 owners from Android and iOS.

The app is a complete ground-up re-write of their mobile platform. Please watch the video below and make the decision whether to stay with the current design or migrate to the new. If you want to stay with the current design TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES for FL Studio Mobile 2. The key point is that FLM 3 is a radical departure from FLM 2. It will require learning a whole new application and workflow.

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Where can I get support?
See the FL Studio Mobile 3 support landing page, where you will find the Users Manual.

Why can’t we choose which version we want to use?
The Google Play and Apple iTunes App stores do not allow Image Line to change a product name and transfer customers to a new application. You would need to buy it. In order to deliver free updates, to the product that you paid for, FL Mobile 2 needs to be replaced with FL Mobile 3. Also, as FLM2 development has ended, the FLM2 will slowly break as Android/iOS devices and their operating systems evolve (the clock is now ticking for FLM2 if you are still using it). Eventually this would have left FLM2 customers in the dark with a dead and or broken App.

What has changed?
Please watch the getting started video above. It is clear FLM 3 is not an update of FLM 2, but a completely new application. This includes the user interface, internal architecture and features. FLM 3 has been built around the feature-set you would expect on a modern desktop DAW.

What OS formats are supported?
Android, iOS, Windows App, Windows Phone, FL Studio Plugin (others to be decided). This wide OS support was not possible with FLM 2.
FLM 3 works as a FL Studio plugin. The plugin version is 100% identical to the mobile version, it’s the same code just compiled as a Windows compatible plugin. This allows you to start projects on the desktop and move to your mobile device and back again. No translation of projects will be necessary; you are running the same app inside FL Studio (for the desktop) as you run on your mobile device.


Mobile 2 vs 3 project compatibility
FLM 2 projects will load in FLM 3, however they are not 100% identical sound wise. Due to architecture changes Image Line can’t maintain 100% consistency.

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Purchased instruments
Your in-app purchased instruments will be transferred to the new version and will continue to work. No need to buy anything twice. If you purchase instruments on one platform AND REGISTER to your Image-Line Account, the additional content will be unlocked on all platforms and installations.

When will FL Studio Mobile 3 be released?
Android and FL Studio plugin are available now. iOS, Windows Phone & App will be out soon. They are in the process of debugging the Android release so there is no exact date at this point. Hopefully 1-2 weeks from today.

Can I downgrade from version 3 to 2?
There is no way to downgrade on Apple iOS devices. Android users who have received the automatic update to version 3 can Downgrade Here via manual installation of the APK.

We all know how things go with technology. New things are always popping up, so let’s just sit tight and wait until the new release arrives, hopefully bigger and better than before!

If you are interested in reading more, check out the product page.

Price and Availability
Get FL Studio Mobile 3 for iPad for $14.99/14.99€.
Get FL Studio Mobile 3 for Android for $17.99/17.99€.

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