Elektron Overbridge 1.15 – Analog Heat, Sierra Support, Better Integration + Updates For The Analog Line


Elektron just announced the new 1.15 update for its Overbridge software, that allows Elektron analog instruments to be handled as software plugins.
Among other things, Overbridge now supports the warm-sounding Analog Heat, the latest Mac OS version (Sierra) and offers a better integration of Elektron hardware (Analog Four, Analog Keys, Analog Heat, Analog Rytm) in DAW environments supporting VST2 or Audio Unit plugin formats.

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There is now a light color theme available, improving usability in bright environments (I wish other companies would offer that!). A new global option sets the theme for all Overbridge software and Plugins.

To enjoy the benefits of Overbridge 1.15, Analog Heat, Analog Rytm and Analog Keys/Four require the newly updated firmware to be installed.

The new firmware versions are: Analog Heat: OS 1.026, Analog Rytm9: OS 1.31, Analog Keys/Four: OS 1.24.12

It is important to notice that Overbridge 1.15 requires OS upgrades for all your Elektron machines. It is not possible to use Overbridge 1.15 with previous Elektron OS:es, and it is also not possible to use the new Elektron OS:es with older Overbridge installations!

As usual, to use Overbridge Elektron recommends connecting your machine to a USB port on your computer and avoiding hubs (but if you need to use one, here you’ll find some good tips).

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Key Features
• Fully-featured GUI kit/sound/preset editing on computer screen.
• Multi-track audio streaming over USB cable.
• Seamless synchronization of the Elektron sequencers to DAW sequencer, without using MIDI
• Sequencing via DAW, or mixture between DAW and Elektron sequencers.
• Plugin automation of all Elektron kit/sound/preset parameters, without using MIDI.
• Total recall of Elektron machine state together with DAW project.

System Requirements
Computer Operating System
Overbridge 1.15.0 supports the following computer Operating systems.
• Apple macOS 10.8 or higher. Versions newer than macOS Sierra 10.12 are untested and may
require updated Overbridge software.
• Windows 7 SP1 or higher. Versions newer than Windows 10.1 Anniversary Update are
untested and may require updated Overbridge software

To read more about the latest version, please check the Overbridge web page.

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