Soundtoys Launches Back In Black Friday Sale + Free Tremolator Plug-in

Boy oh boy, it’s that time of year again. Black Friday is only a day away and thank the lords for online shopping!

Soundtoys is joining in on the craziness by holding their Back in Black Friday Sale, with savings of 50 to 65% off of audio effects plug-ins and upgrades, and the deepest discount ever on Soundtoys 5, which features Soundtoys’ complete collection of plug-ins including Effect Rack for $249 (reg $499).

Back in Black also offers the classic Tremolator plug-in FREE. Tremolator is a fully-programmable auto-gating rhythm generator with exclusive controls to create beat-synced effects, turning any audio into a whole new rhythm instrument. Offer ends 11/30.

Check out this list of sale items and try to contain yourself:

Soundtoys 5 Bundle $249 (reg $499)
Upgrades 50% OFF (log in for upgrade prices)
Tremolator FREE (Reg. $129)

EchoBoy $99 (reg $199)
Decapitator $99 (reg $199)

Crystallizer $69 (reg $149)
PrimalTap $69 (reg $149)
FilterFreak $69 (reg $149)

PanMan $49 (reg $129)
PhaseMistress $49 (reg $129)
MicroShift $49 (reg $129)
Radiator $49 (reg $129)
Devil-Loc Deluxe $49 (reg $129)

Sie-Q $49 (reg $129)
Little AlterBoy $49 (reg $99)

Little PrimalTap $39 (reg $79)
Little Radiator $39 (reg $79)
Little MicroShift $39 (reg $79)
Devil-Loc $39 (reg $79)

For purchases, go to the Soundtoys website.

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