Samplelogic’s IMPAKT Now 62% OFF! – Morphed Percussions For Film Scoring & Atmospheric Tracks

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If you’re into ambient/atmospheric sounds, you shouldn’t miss Samplelogic’s latest offer. IMPAKT, their Kontakt-compatible suite of over 850 breathtaking morphed concert percussion instruments is on sale – 62% off until Nov. 28!

IMPAKT has a lot of modern, tweakable sounds, a great interface and it’s a very helpful tool for film scoring.

This diverse collection of instruments ranges from dramatically twisted marimbas and xylophones, blissful chimes and bells to massively transfigured timpani, gongs, bass drums, cymbals, and a variety of world percussion instruments. IMPAKT also includes a complimentary set of traditional concert percussion instruments.

Usually available for $399, IMPAKT is now only $149.
Enough said, get your copy here.

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