ROLI Redeveloped Their NOISE App – Here’s What You Need To Know

You may have noticed that ROLI recently updated the NOISE app (see our previous ROLI NOISE coverage). This update brings several exciting new features, allowing the mobile app to power the new ROLI BLOCKS modular creation system launched last week:

  • New sounds
  • Groove Kits and Drum Kits
  • Recording and clip style sequencing
  • Exporting
  • Scale & Chord – for easy on-screen playing
  • Arpeggiator

If you have used NOISE in the past and haven’t updated yet, you should know that the following features are temporarily unavailable:

  • Seaboard View
  • MIDI Setup
  • Sensitivity settings for the 5 Dimensions of Touch*
  • Macro Settings and XY Pad*

*Note: These features still work within the app but can only be accessed from the RISE hardware.

NOISE has been re-developed from the ground up, which is why Seaboard View and other features have had to be temporarily disabled.
Not to worry, though! They will be re-introduced within a month, and ROLI apologizes for any inconvenience that the temporary removal of these features may have caused.

NOISE still pairs with the Seaboard RISE — and functions as a mobile sound engine — in the same way. You can restore any sound packs purchased in the old version of NOISE by tapping “RESTORE PURCHASES” from the app’s menu. You can even play those sounds (and new ones!) with your Seaboard just as before – click here for more details.

If you need access to old NOISE features in the next month, it is recommended to switch off your device’s auto-updates. You will be notified when the features have been reintroduced, so you can update to get the best of the old and new. If you’re new to the app and would like to download the latest version, you’ll find it here.

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