Pioneer Unveils WeDJ for iPhone – Free Until 29 November!

Pioneer got in touch with us to announce the release of WeDJ for iPhone, an additional version of their DJ performance app that lets you mix and add effects to the music in your iTunes library.

WeDJ for iPhone has all the same features as the iPad version of the app. The colourful animated interface displays all the information and controls you need to perform seamless mixes, and the colours of the waveforms and jog wheels change to match the colours of album cover images so you can easily keep track of what’s on each deck.

You can use the Sync button to get your tracks perfectly in time and Auto Gain to automatically set the volume to the right level, leaving you free to use the performance features including Hot Cues, loops, Pad FX and Combo FX to make your mix unique.

The app’s layout is optimised for the iPhone’s display, and you can connect the DDJ-WeGO4/WeGO3 controller to get tactile control over all of WeDJ’s features.

WeDJ for iPhone is available in the App Store for free until 29th November 2016 – 08:00 GMT. From then on, the app will be available at the regular price of €0.99.
WeDJ for iPad is available in the App Store for €2.99 until 29th November 2016 – 08:00 GMT. From then on, the app will be available at the regular price of €4.99.


  • Simple user interface for easy control optimised for iPhone’s
  • Performance features for endless creativity
  • Effects include, Pad FX & Combo FX
  • Additional features include Hot Cues, Loops and sampler
  • DDJ-WeGO4/WeGO3 support for tactile control – Both the DDJ-WeGO4 and DDJ-WeGO3 controllers make the ideal partner to WeDJ.
  • Flexible layout:
  • Two jog wheels
  • Enlarged horizontal waveforms
  • Enlarged vertical waveforms

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a quality entry-level DJ controller for your next Xmas parties, the new DDJ-WeGO4 might be a good match. We’ll have more on it soon, stay tuned.

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