New From ROLI: Snapcase For BLOCKS

Eearlier this month, we wrote about the release of ROLI’s BLOCKS and NOISE.
The ROLI guys have since been inspired to hear the music created with this modular music-making system. Playing in bedrooms, parks, studios, and many other places, the first BLOCKS creators have been shaping sounds and making amazing songs.

We’re pleased today to help introduce Snapcases for BLOCKS, which make it even easier to make music wherever and whenever you want.

ROLI’s custom-designed Snapcases cover the surface of your Blocks and magnetically attach to the BLOCKS DNA connectors. With one of two types of Snapcase you can:

  • Protect your kit from wear, tear, and dust
  • Transport your kit in a durable, convenient case that can hold multiple Blocks together
  • Add extra stability to your kit when playing on the go

Snapcase Solo ($39) protects a single Lightpad Block
Snapcase Duo ($49) holds two Lightpad Blocks or a Lightpad Block with a Live Block and a Loop Block.

Made of premium materials, Snapcases for BLOCKS are as stylish as they are functional, and they’re an affordable present to give yourself or another BLOCKS creator this holiday season. They’re available now through the ROLI online store. Get yours today!

Oh, and when inspiration strikes, don’t forget to share your new #ROLIBLOCKS and #ROLINOISE creations on any social channel and

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