Exploring The Potential Of Live 9.5’s Multiwarping & Max For Live’s Convolution Reverb Pro

Ableton Live and Max for Live have so much to offer that sometimes you might feel you’re using only a small part of their features – especially when it comes to the new ones introduced in the latest updates.

Point Blank’s resident Ableton expert Freddy Frogs comes to the rescue, exploring the potential of a powerful Max For Live reverb plugin and 9.5’s latest features in two helpful tutorial videos.

Max for Live offers a huge range of audio devices, synths and plugins, available for Ableton users to download to fuel new creative ideas and sound design possibilities. In the first episode of a new Point Blank tutorial series, Course Developer and Ableton Certified Trainer Freddy Frogs takes a dive into a particularly powerful reverb plugin which forms part of Max for Live Essentials – Convolution Reverb Pro.

In the second episode of a new tutorial series from Point Blank, Freddy Frogs turns his attention to Multiwarping in Ableton Live. Essentially a supercharged version of warping, this functionality enables multiple tracks of audio to be warped simultaneously – great for when there’s tempo fluctuations or imperfections in takes.

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