Erica Synths Presents 4 New Pico Modules

The tiny but flexible Pico series by Erica Synths is expanding! Four new modules have joined this line: Pico SEQS, Pico Logic, Pico A Logic and Pico DSP.

Let’s go over the specs!

Splice Rent-to-Own

Pico SEQS is an advanced 4 channel sequential switch with sophisticated control over switching the channels – it combines clock and/or CV signals to advance to next step and define number of steps. Use it for switching CVs or audio sources in order to achieve distinct modulations and soundscapes!
Main features:

  • Number of switches – 4
  • Simultaneous switches ON – 1
  • CV control over sequence direction and length
  • External clock input
  • Channel status indication LEDs

Price: 70€ (ex. VAT)

Pico LOGIC is Boolean logic module that allows to manage several Gate signals in advanced ways. As per the Pico design concept, they managed to squeeze 2×8 logic algorithms in a 3HP module!
Main features:

  • 2 independent sections of 2xIN and OUT
  • 8 logic algorithms in each section
  • Internal connection of inputs to both sections
  • Mode indication via RGB LEDs
  • Output signal status LEDs

Price: 80€ (ex. VAT)

Pico A LOGIC is their CERN Hadron Collider for CVs! It takes two incoming CVs and outputs momentary SUM and DIFFERENCE of both CVs, as well as follows curves MAXIMUM and MINIMUM values of both CVs. Try to patch audio signals into both inputs and get distinct ring modulation and waveshaping effects!
Main features:

  • 2 CV/audio inputs
  • Simultaneous outputs of sum, difference, maximum and minimum
  • levels of both inputs
  • 4 output signal control LEDs

Price: 70€ (ex. VAT)

Splice Sounds

Pico DSP is the little brother of the highly recognized Black Hole DSP module. It features 8 custom effects with two adjustable parameters and CV control over the first parameter.
Main features:

  • 8 great sounding stereo custom effects
  • 2 adjustable parameters per effect
  • CV control over the first parameter
  • Dry/Wet control
  • Stereo output
  • Colour coded effects selection

Price: 120€ (ex. VAT)

Here’s a pretty rad demo video made by Erica Synths (remember to use headphones for primo quality):

To get your hands on the new modules, or for more information, visit the website.

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