Elastic Drums Now Has A Wicked Sampler Engine!

One of our favorite drum machine apps on iOS, Elastic Drums, just reached version 1.9 and now features a cool sampler engine, that radically enhances the sonic possibilities of the instrument.

The new engine does the standard pitch, forward/backward manipulations, but it also has a wicket looper function, that is capable of producing sounds similar to a grain sampler, which are not able to get produced by standard samplers.

You can switch samples between different pattern and you have lots of parameters again to manipulate the sample/loop in an „elastic“ way, as you are used to doing in Elastic Drums.

For the iPad version, there is also new „edit view”, where you can edit your velocity and automation records in a more detailed and easy way.

Here the new features:

– New SAMPLER engine, with sample pitch, reverse, envelope, and a genuine looper function !!!
– Sample import via iTunes, eMail or AudioShare after purchasing the “sample import” option
– Record your microphone input after purchasing the “sample import” option
– Velocity/Automate edit view on iPad, via longtap velocity/automat button
– Copy instr + seq in Instr option sub screen
– Fixed badly working Midi Sync out start/stop behavior
– DoubleTap on instr parameters will set knob to default
– Mute/solo labels on instr. buttons
– Selecting + longtap on an instruments preset or user sample will open a delete overlay
– Warning, if you really want to change to another preset, if you made edits to the current one
– Updated to newest libPD version 0.10
– Version info in info overlay screen

The update is free, and you can use the sampler with the included samples to try it out and get an idea how it works. If you want to import or record your own audio samples, you will need to purchase the “sample import“ option ($ 4.99).

This is the first In-App Purchase for Elastic Drums, and we think it’s well worth it. Let’s support the developer, also so that he can port the app to other platforms (VST, AU), as planned.

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