D16 Group – Black Friday – 40% OFF!!!

! This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Here’s another tempting bargain from D16 for all you Black Friday enthusiasts.

From 24.11 – 28.11 all products (excluding the recently released Repeater) are available with a 40% OFF discount.

Yep, that includes classic emulations like Drumazon, Nepheton, LuSH-101, Nithonat and great sounding effects like Decimort, Devastor, Redoptor, Fazortan, etc.

At ANR we’re big fans of D16’s virtual instruments and effects and we highly recommend them (even more now, given the attractive discount!).

Purchasing is simple – click on the Buy Now button below and you’re there.

Much more fun than lining up and waiting hours with everyone else in town…

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