Klanghaus Bio Machine: New Unique And Edgy Sounds For Klanghaus 2


In our Klanghaus 2 review last year, we found its sounds phenomenal, and very useful within television, film and video game genres of moodier and darker nature.

KLANGHAUS BIO MACHINE is the latest addition to the Klanghaus 2 Library, produced, composed and recorded by German musician and instrument designer Ferdinand Försch.

With BIO MACHINE you have access to a large collection of unique rhythms and loops of bizarre percussion, thunderous cymbals & never-heard-before string instruments.


The BIO MACHINE interface is designed to be clear and intuitive. With its 3 customizable keygroups, 8 arpeggiators/step-sequencers and 17 step-modulators per patch you can go pretty wild!
Almost every function can be quickly modulated with the custom-designed modulator presets, which gives you endless possibilities of sound-design in no-time.


  • 1200 unique grooves
  • 3 customizable keygroups
  • 8 arpeggiators/step-sequencers
  • 17 step-modulators per patch

Interface Fullscreen_620x528

Price & Availability

Klanghaus Bio Machine MSRP € 99.- $ 99.- £ 85.-
Klanghaus Bio Machine Crossgrade UVP € 59.- $ 59.- £ 49.- (for registered users of Klanghaus or Klanghaus 2)

For further information and sound demos check out the Best Service website.

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