Export An Ableton Live Set Directly From iOS With Blocs Wave, TriqTraq And Patterning

Ableton just did it again. After giving us the brilliant Link technology, the German company has ‘opened’ its file export feature to iOS developers.

Some of our favorite apps, such as Blocs Wave, TriqTraq and Patterning are already able to seamless export to Ableton Live, and I’m sure many others will follow soon.

Blocs Wave
The enhanced integration names your pads, converts them to clips, sets the tempo, clip size, and arranges the sounds neatly onto the powerful Ableton Live Session grid.

For users of other DAWs, Blocs Wave also has a Project export option. This also collects all your sounds, including any tweaks, and creates a folder for you to easily transport them. You can then take this to any other DAW including Logic, Protools, Garageband, or even other apps.

To celebrate this release, the devs are making Blocs Wave available at an over 50% off price for a limited period of time.
Get Blocs Wave here.

An Ableton Live Set exported from Triqtraq contains separate Audio Clips per Channel and Scenes for each of the (up to 16) Triqtraq Patterns.

Don’t have Live yet? No problem, Triqtraq comes bundled with a license of Live 9 Lite that imports up to 8 Triqtraq Patterns.
Get TriqTraq here.

With this update, you can generate a Live Set directly from the app. It’s now incredibly easy to move from your Patterning beats into a fully functional Live Set containing all of your loops and patterns.

The latest Patterning version also allows you to export audio from “All Patterns” at once. As for TriqTraq, an Ableton Live 9 Lite license is free for Patterning users.
Get Patterning here.

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