Eventide Quadravox On Sale – From Otherworldly Harmonies To Groovy Sequences

I don’t know about you, but I love experimenting with harmonies. That’s why I find plugins like the Eventide Quadravox really inspiring. After all, we’re talking of a four-voice, diatonic pitch shifting plug-in, developed using technology from Eventide’s flagship H8000FW studio processor!

Quadravox includes per-voice controls for delay, detuning, panning and feedback to create everything ‘from otherworldly harmonies to groovy sequences’.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to stack harmonies, widen instruments and spice up beats, while the randomize function helps to shift each voice in order to create a more natural result.

In my experience, Quadravox works great on mono instruments (need a pad from one synth voice? Done!) and vocals; it’s also one of those plugins that can give new life to dull tracks (or inspire new ideas to overcome a creative block).

The good news is that Quadravox is on sale for $49 until October 31. (MSRP $99)

Quadravox is also included in the Anthology X bundle and available with the Ensemble subscription package.

Visit the plugin web page for more information and if you would like to support ANR, please buy Quadravox here.

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