New Digital Modular Synthesis System From Percussa


Remember Percussa and their AudioCubes? First released in 2007, these smart light-emitting blocks that are able to detect each other’s position, location, and sense distance have been a favorite of many experimental music producers and sound designers.

The California based company has got in touch with us to announce the launch of their digital modular synthesis systems. In their words “using the hands-on wireless patching interface (AudioCubes), powerful synthesis software (SYNTHOR) and a tightly integrated controller (REMOTE), patching synth modules and changing modulation depth and synthesis parameters has never been so fast and intuitive”.

How does it work?

Wireless Patching Interface
SYNTHOR digital modular synthesizer systems come with a wireless patching interface which allows musicians and sound artists to patch synth modules in real-time by placing AudioCubes, which represent the modules, next to each other.

Moving cubes closer and further away changes the modulation depth of the signals flowing between the synthesis modules, allowing artists to expressively control more parameters simultaneously than is currently possible with traditional systems. Multiple patch connections between modules can be created simultaneously by placing cubes next to each other, something which is impossible to do with systems where patch cables are created one-by-one.

Digital Synthesis Software
Synth modules are automatically assigned through the SYNTHOR synthesis software to each cube. It is like having a virtual case of modules, offering the advantages of computer based synthesis, but with dedicated hardware interfaces for patching and parameter control. SYNTHOR runs stand-alone on MAC and PC and needs no other software or plugins.

The SYNTHOR digital modular synthesis system has built-in visual feedback: synth modules, patch connections, show clock timings, and signal amplitude are all mapped to RGB colours and light intensity on the AudioCubes patching interface, giving musicians an instant overview of the state of the system at all times, without patch cables in the way, which is very convenient in live performance situations.

Integrated Parameter Control Surface
Modular synthesis setups are easily created using the tightly integrated REMOTE controller which lets you configure AudioCubes and set parameters in the SYNTHOR synthesis software without having to touch your computer or mouse. Entire synthesis setups and module configurations can be easily created and switched with the press of a button on the REMOTE controller, and the AudioCubes patching interface instantly controls the new module setup. Presets can be easily exchanged online with follow musicians and artists.
Check out a basic video below to learn more about our SYNTHOR digital modular synthesis system. In the video below, the Percussa guys loaded the FM synthesis patch in SYNTHOR consisting of 1 output and 2 LFOs. Using REMOTE you can change the different parameters of each of the modules, such as the wave form or fine parameters of the LFO.

Pricing and availability
The Percussa P8 System (8 x Wireless AudioCubes PRO, 1 x REMOTE, 1 x SYNTHOR, 1 x USB cable) is available for USD 3600 / EUR 3500 (includes all taxes and shipping fees for US/EU).

The Percussa P15 System (15 x Wireless AudioCubes PRO, 1 x REMOTE, 1 x SYNTHOR, 1 x USB cable) is available for USD 6000 / EUR 5850 (includes all taxes and shipping fees for US/EU).

Both systems are available and will start shipping in the next few days.

Meet Percussa at Knobcon
If you happen to be in Chicago in the next days, the Percussa staff will be presenting their new product at Knobcon 2016, one of the largest synth-focused conventions, September 9-11.

Find out more about the new synthesis system on the Percussa website.

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