Modstep 1.1.4 Update – iOS 10 Support And Lots Of Enhancements

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Modstep (in short, our favorite iOS sequencer, see our Modstep review) has just released an update that comes with full iOS 10 support!
It also has a lot of enhancements and improvements when it comes to AUv3 plugins and IAA, including state-saving and preset support for AUv3 instruments and effects – hurrah!

New Features

– iOS 10 support
– “Autostart Plugins” allows you to decide whether you want to load AUv3 and IAA with the Session
– “Load last Session on Startup” allows you to decide whether you want to load the last Session on Startup or start with a new Session
– Preset support for AUv3 FX
– State-saving for AUv3 instruments and FX (except for bassalicious)
– new Templates for Korg Volca Kick, Ruismaker, Ruismaker FM, DM-2, bastl micro granny and FLUXFX
– updated Templates for Roland Boutique synthesizers and boom808 and boom909


– fixed a bug that would cause mono AUx to play only on one side
– improved AUx loading
– improved IAA handling
– fixed a bug that prevented state-saving of AUx
– volume is enhanced
– fixed a bug that could cause notes that are outside of the scale to be recorded
– lots of additional bugfixes and improvements

And yes, modstep still works on the iPad 1 (only the MIDI features and the internal Synth), but this might be the last version to do so.

Still haven’t got the app?

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