Klevgränd Jussi – A New Singing Synth For iOS and VST Users

It’s a great time for those who enjoy experimenting with synths and vocal sounds. In the past few months we have tested two brilliant new releases from iZotope and Madrona Labs (see our VocalSynth review and our Virta review).
A few days ago the guys from Klevgränd have got in touch with us to announce Jussi, a new vocal synth.

In their words “Jussi emulates a man singing vocals using pure synthesis (no samples involved). The formants are controlled by velocity, so a gentle tap on your keyboard generates a soft vocal (oo) and a high-velocity tap generates a hard vocal (aa). The result is a fun & exciting instrument that can be used in many unexpected ways!”

Formats and availability
Jussi is compatible with both iPhone and iPad (AUv3), and also available for desktop as AudioUnit and VST.

With an intro price (~35% off) Jussi for iOS costs $4.99 and Jussi for desktop costs $12.99.

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