Impact Soundworks Introduces Shakuhachi As Debut Instrument In VENTUS Ethnic Winds Series

We recently featured the brilliant Super Audio Cart from Impact Soundworks and the company has got in touch with us to announce their new release.

Available at for $99, the Shakuhachi sample library allows composers and musicians to journey to ancient Japan through traditional playable articulations alongside a large pool of pre-recorded phrases and decorative techniques. The VENTUS ornaments system offers authentic, unique performances of the instrument without extra sequencing.

Splice Rent-to-Own

Wait, you don’t know what a shakuhachi is? Let me show you something about this fascinating instrument…

Created for Native Instruments Kontakt, the VENTUS Shakuhachi library features performances by multi-instrumentalist Josh Plotner. The Impact Soundworks sampling process captures the essence of an instrument famous for contemplative tones that can breathe calm or invoke deep emotion.

The VENTUS Series also debuts ISW’s new “Total Articulation Control Technology” (TACT), a unified method of mapping and performing any kind of sample library articulation. With TACT, composers can quickly create personalized ways of playing any VENTUS library using any combination of MIDI notes, velocities, keyswitches and controllers.


Other key features include:

Splice Sounds
  • More than 6,000 24-bit samples recorded through warm ribbon and room mics
  • 15 playing techniques including true legato articulation
  • More than 600 phrases in 8 unique styles
  • Organic ornament system allows for effortless authentic performances
  • Simple user interface with dozens of under-the-hood controls
  • Easy FX rack for EQ, compression, delay, and reverb

Compatible with Native Instruments KONTAKT 5.1 and higher, the phrases of the library can also be loaded as .WAVs in a DAW for further editing, slicing, and arrangement.


Future VENTUS offerings will include the Irish tin whistle, Indian bansuri, and Chinese xiao before the end of 2016.

BONUS: Customers who purchase any of the VENTUS products will receive $25 in Impact Soundworks store credit to put towards additional VENTUS offerings or other products from Impact Soundworks’ diverse catalog of virtual instruments.

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