Free Siemens W295b EQ-Inspired Plugin From Soundtoys!

Soundtoys, gotta luv’em! Not only they offer one of the best sounding audio effects plug-in bundles on the market (now at version 5), from time to time they throw in cool freebies too.

Just a few hours ago the Burlington-based company announced the immediate availability of its first equalizer plug-in, the Sie-Q. In their words “instead of choosing one of the classic EQs that have been modeled one or more times already, Soundtoys searched deep into their gear collection and dusted off a little-known, but much-loved (by those in the know) German equalizer module, the W295b.

Splice Rent-to-Own

With Sie-Q, Soundtoys engineers meticulously modeled the decidedly musical curves of the W295b, and the pleasing harmonic distortion of its discrete transistor circuitry (so you can hit it hard and get the real analog vibe of the hardware!)”.


Like the more well-known Neve and API modules, the original W295b was used in the Siemens-Sitral line of analog mixing consoles. Those consoles, though built like tanks, were known for their smooth EQ curves and sonically appealing coloration. The W295b in particular is revered for the space and air created by the high-frequency band.

Sounds Good
Designed for broadcast, the W295b frequencies and curves were carefully chosen to keep things sounding good no matter what. And this clever design translates perfectly to tracking and mixing records, too. From full mixes, to sub mixes, to vocals and guitars, to drums and percussion this EQ helps you find the sweetness with no hassle.

Splice Sounds


How To Get It
For a limited time, Soundtoys is offering Sie-Q as a free download at The new Sie-Q equalizer plug-in is included in the new Soundtoys 5.1 bundle (the update is also free for current Soundtoys 5 bundle owners) and can be used as a stand-alone plug-in or within the Soundtoys Effect Rack. Once this offer ends October 13, 2016 Sie-Q will also be sold individually for $129.
FYI: account required (An iLok USB dongle is NOT required).

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