Ableton Link Becomes Open Source And Now Works On Reason 9.1, Serato DJ and Max

At ANR we are big fans of the Ableton Link technology, since its early days.

Ableton Link is a technology that keeps devices in time over a wireless network, allowing iOS apps to play in time with Live OR even without it (i.e. just running multiple apps on the same iOS device). No

If you are not a Live user but you wish Link was available for your DAW, the guys at Ableton have good news for you. The company has made the technology open source for developers to use Link in their own software and Propellerhead Reason, Serato DJ and Cycling 74’s Max will be the first to integrate Link into their desktop apps (Propellerhead has just announced its Reason 9.1 featuring Ableton Link).

More options, more fun together
What should we expect for the next months? Well, this is huge news, especially if other big companies (Apple, I’m looking at you here) will jump on board.

Possibilities are endless. Trigger effects on an iPad in perfect sync with a Serato DJ set, build visual and other interactive systems in Max and run them in sync with a Live performance. Or get together with others and jam with applications across devices. If you’re connected to the same network, Link will keep everything in perfect time.

And with Link becoming open-source, developers can explore new possibilities for the technology in their own desktop software or mobile apps. The source code has been made available alongside the SDK for iOS – both can be downloaded from Github.

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