Free Eventide Blackhole For Akai Advance Keyboards & MPC Touch Users!

If I was an editor of the Oxford/Cambridge/Merriam-Webster English dictionary, I would definitely add this story among the examples for “What’s not to like?”.

Akai and Eventide joined forces to provide producers and performers with one of our favorite reverb plugins. Yep, for 60 days starting 1st August 2016, users Of Akai Professional’s Advance Keyboards & MPC Touch will receive a free download of Eventide’s Blackhole timeless effect.

As we previously wrote, Blackhole is a unique algorithm. It’s all about alien, virtual spaces, ideal for those musicians and producers who love experimenting with sound.

Also, some of Blackhole’s automatable features (like the ribbon and hotswitch controls) make this plugin more than just a static effect. Blackhole can be ‘played’ like an instrument, adding unexpected and inspiring results to your performance.

If you’re not familiar with Blackhole, check out this video:

How to get Eventide Blackhole for free?
New and existing Akai Advance and MPC Touch users will be able to download a free copy of Blackhole within the 60 days, as mentioned above.

If you’re looking for a new, performance-ready controller, this could be the right time. The Akai Advance Keyboards and Virtual Instrument Player (VIP) application transform computer-based plugins into an entirely hands-on playing experience.


Boasting lots of performance-ready controls, coupled with Akai’s excellent keybed technology and a full-colour display, the Advance Keyboards fuse the power of software instruments and effects with the live playability of a keyboard workstation.

Thanks to the recently released VIP 2.0, producers and performers have unrestricted access to their virtual instrument and virtual effect collection, using Multis and Effect Stacks to rapidly create immersive, expressive sonic textures – all without having to reach for a mouse or look at a computer screen.

Even better, with Eventide’s Blackhole, users can add an otherworldly texture to their repertoire – with critical space-altering parameters instantly mapped to the Advance Keyboard’s performance-focused assortment of controls.

Are you more of an MPC kind of guy?
If that is the case, I would check out the MPC Touch.

Classic MPC feel and pads, intuitive workflow powered by a 7″ colour multi-touch display that allows you to grab and pinch waveforms, draw midi events, adjust envelopes, chop samples, add effects, etc.


Now just imagine combining all that with the crazy textures and ambiances provided by Eventide’s Blackhole – pure beatmaking and resampling heaven!

Buy Akai MPC Touch: approx. $799/£529
Buy Akai Advance 25: approx. $399/£239.99
Buy Akai Advance 49: approx. $499/£399.99
Buy Akai Advance 61: approx. $599/£449.99

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