Building Your Own Synth – New DIY Kits With Full Documentation From AI Synthesis

Our previous article about the DIY modular synth world got you hooked but you’ve never held a soldering iron? We’ve got you covered.

AI Synthesis is a small synthesizer manufacturer in Portland, OR, specialized in easy to build DIY kits with full documentation.

AI Synthesis has released its first two eurorack modules, the AI001 Multiple and AI002 Mixer.
The modules are available as fully built modules, full kits, as PCB and Panels, and as PCB only.

Educational mission
Abraham Ingle, the owner of AI Synthesis, is highly focused on making his company a reference point for all the future DIY synth makers:
“In the year 2000, I was in college and obsessed with modular synths, but could barely afford to eat. I knew it was possible to build your own synth, but there wasn’t anyone, or anywhere to turn to for advice. In the past decade, much more information has been published online, and in 2013 I started down my path to DIY modular. Even with all of the information online, there still lacked a single, simple, comprehensive guide for those looking to build their own synthesizer. I want AI Synthesis to be that guide. Prior to building my own synth, I was a dreamer, after building my modular, I felt I had awoken. I want to help others do the same.”

You can’t go wrong
In addition to providing step by step build instructions, schematics, and circuit explanations, each Build Guide includes a full-build video tutorial, so builders can see every step. The site also includes a guide for getting started in DIY synthesis.
Upcoming kits include filters, oscillators, and euclidian sequencers. Check out the modules and kits at

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