Behringer DeepMind12: Inspiration, Price, Availability

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DeepMind122016: the year Behringer became cool!
Life is funny: you grow up in a pro audio world where for years you can’t even mention the ‘B word’, and then all of a sudden Uli Behringer becomes the unsung hero of the synth world. I’m sure he’s having more than a laugh these days…

Inspiration and features
After a series of (too many?) teaser videos, Music Group (the holding company formally based in the Philippines owning among others, Behringer, Midas, Klark Teknik, Behringer, TC Electronic plus a giant production complex in China, called Music Group City!) has finally revealed some actual details about its upcoming first synth, DeepMind12.

Splice Rent-to-Own

The control layout of the DeepMind12 follows the basic design of the classic Roland Juno 106 (here on Wikipedia).

Here are some of the features (more to be announced):

– 12 analog voices with digitally controlled oscillators (you can specify polyphony, so to have 6 note/4oscs, 4 note/6oscs, 3 note/8oscs, 2 note/12oscs)
– 2 LFOs per voice
– three flexible envelopes with a linear shape as well as non-linear curves
– a mod matrix
– 4 or 2 pole filter modes
– 4 world-class FX engines powered by TC ELECTRONIC & KLARK TEKNIK (can be bypassed)
– Full-sized keys
– iPad, Mac and Pc editor app

Splice Sounds

Price and availability
$999 / the price in Euro and Pound has not been announced yet.
The first units should be available by the end of the year, so realistically most users will get their DeepMind12 not before Spring 2017.

Only the beginning
It looks like DeepMind12 won’t be the last Behringer synth, actually quite the contrary.
Uli (very active these days on social networks and forums – despite what you may think of the brand, it’s refreshing seeing Mr. Behringer himself standing behind the product and asking for feedbacks) announced that they are currently hiring 30 synthesizer product specialists and engineers for they new Synthesizer Division: “Our ambitious vision is to embark on a comprehensive synthesizer journey.”
Good luck Uli, we’re looking forward to checking out the DeepMind12 and your next synths.

Can’t wait that long for the DeepMind12?
If you need an affordable poly analog synth RIGHT NOW you should consider the KORG Minilogue (see our KORG Minilogue review) or other well-known but more expensive models from DSI.
Also, I wonder if we’ll see more from Roland and Yamaha at the next NAMM. Honestly, I was expecting more from their Boutique and ReFace lines (the Yamaha CS series would totally deserve some kind of real reissue!). And who knows, maybe KORG is thinking about a modern version of their classic Polysix or Mono/Poly? Time will tell…

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