UVI Digital SynSations: 4 Classic Synths From The ’90s, FREE until July 24th!

Old analog synths are now cool again, but in the ’80s and in the ’90s digital synths (like the Yamaha SY77, the KORG M1, the Ensoniq VFX, etc.) with clusters of discrete buttons and glowing green LCD screens were all the rage.

To those willing to forgo the immediacy and ease-of-editing of the analog synth world these keyboards offered amazing features for the time; massive polyphony, extensive on-board sequencers and pattern memory, removable storage and digital effects.

In addition to the immediate benefits of digital processing, some of these keyboards also dawned innovative hybrid synthesis techniques, combining sample playback with classic methods allowing synthesists and musicians the opportunity to explore new sonic territory.


UVI’s Digital SynSations is a tribute to this (often underrated) era of synthesizers: a collection of 4 classic keyboards from the 90s with over 500 patches expertly programmed.

This package (usually available for $199) is also included in Vintage Vault.

How about getting it for FREE?
Thanks to our friends at UVI, we have a free Digital SynSation code for you, valid until July 24th, 2016. Run, don’t walk!

Visit the Digital Synsations page, add the product to the cart and use the voucher code UMPG-FREEDS. Enjoy!

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