Summer Trips, Carry-ons & Creative Challenges: Volca Sample OK Go, Acidbox ii, Mini KP2S, OP-1 and K-MIX

Adding some extra character
With its 32kHz sampling frequency and its simple yet effective tone-shaping features, the Volca Sample provides plenty of mojo.

For my sessions though, I wanted to add some extra grit. I had just got an Erica Synths Acidbox II, so why not put it through its paces?


The Acidbox ii is a Polivoks filter clone using original Russian ICs (100% analogue sound circuit).

Haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s never too late. The Polivoks is probably the most popular vintage Russian synth made in the early 80’s, well-known among synth fans for its unique, nasty filter.

The Acidbox ii works great both on beats and synth lines. From smooth deep sounds to crazy resonant ones, this black gem from Latvia is a tweaker’s delight.

I love its peculiar tone-shaping features, its attractive knobs and the LFO sync (easy to set up with a Volca – just connect its Sync Out to the Acidbox’ LFO Sync In).

If you like character tools, you can’t go wrong with the Acidbox ii. Feed it, tweak it and smile!

In this video you can see the Acidbox in action with some KORG boxes (FYI: here you’ll see the first edition of the Acidbox – sound-wise the newer version is the same plus it boasts enhanced sync features)

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