Cimmerian Caves – New Dual Echo/Vibrato/Chorus + Fuzz For Your Synth (And More) from Artificial Noise

Artificial Noise is a new boutique company, specialized in hand-made instruments and effects. It’s based in Winnipeg, Canada, and run by Neil Burnby, an experienced maker and musician.

The company has got in touch with us to announce the release of its latest product, Cimmerian Caves, a great looking Dual Echo/Vibrato/Chorus + Fuzz effects unit (that unlike most effects on the market is actually geared towards synth-heads and line-level instruments!).

Full of character
Are you familiar with Ancient Greek classics? Well, even if you aren’t you might find Neil’s description quite inspiring. Cimerian Caves in his words is “dark, warbly and tape-like. Dense modulating echo’s bouncing from ear to ear. Thick, wooly tube-like distortion. Definitely NOT a sterile clean delay, but warm and full of character.

When the poet Homer talked of Cimmeria, he called it the land of fog and darkness at the edge of Hades. Artificial Noise has taken those words as inspiration for the Cimmerian Cave effects unit”. Hooked?


Signal flow
In the unit are two Echo “Blocks” that can be either Echo/Delay (approx. 925ms max delay time), Vibrato, Chorus or some combination of the above. Each block can run in parallel and panned Left to Right, making for great Stereophonic effects, or they can be run in series (Echo 1 into Echo 2).

Along with the two effects blocks, there is also a Fuzz effect, which runs through both blocks. Highly tweakable with 17 knobs and 3 switches.

Cimmerian Caves is a hybrid of analog and digital circuitry, utilizing both worlds for maximum effect.

Check out this extensive video demo.

Regular price $345, plus shipping – Currently on sale at $325 ($20 off). Read more and order Cimmerian Caves from Artificial Noise’s website. If you feel inspired by the above description, with the money you’ll save you can actually go and buy a copy of Homer’s Odyssey!

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