UVI Thorus – New Polyphase Modulation Effect

The guys at UVI must not be getting much sleep lately. We’ve recently reviewed their sound shaping monster, Falcon, and their unique electric piano plugin, Attack EP88.

Last week or so they announced Spectre, an expansion pack for Falcon and today they unveiled Thorus, a new polyphase modulation effect for Mac and PC (VST, AU, AAX plugin formats).

Splice Rent-to-Own

Available now at an introductory price of $49 / 49€ ($79 / 79€ after July 3rd). Thorus “was designed as the next evolution of the chorus effect, building on a state-of-the-art algorithm and advancements made in the development of Falcon and Sparkverb.”

I grew up listening to modulated string machines, electric pianos and early synths, and I always loved the creamy touch provided by onboard and pedal effects.
Thorus looks like a very flexible and powerful tool and I’m really looking forward to hearing what it can do.

In their words “a variable 8-voice architecture provides an extremely clear and detailed effect capable of generating a wide range of modulations from a typical 2 or 4-voice chorus up to a thick and immersive 8-voice configuration.”

Splice Sounds

Two modes
Thorus boasts two operational modes; Standard provides a typical sound stage reflective of the input material where the optional Wide mode enhances the stereo image to great effect, capable of generating tremendously deep, modulating spaces.

A selection of starting-point presets suitable for a wide range of material from vocals, guitars and synths to drums and electronic instruments is included along with an A/B preset comparison switch.

Thorus is available at an introductory price of $49 / 49€ through July 3rd at uvi.net (regularly $79 / 79€). Additional information is available on the UVI web site.

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