Super Audio Cart – A VST Tribute To The Golden Age Of Video Gaming


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Chiptune lovers, rejoyce! This is what happens when you grow up in the Eighties playing all sort of video games and then later you become a sample library developer…

Splice Rent-to-Own

The guys at Impact Soundworks (we featured them recently with their interesting Sonic Forest) have released Super Audio Cart, a new virtual instrument that is a tribute to the golden age of video gaming.

They deeply sampled 7 classic video game systems and captured thousands of waveforms, then plugged them into a powerful synth engine to open up endless sound design possibilities.

Making of and features
Super Audio Cart was produced in collaboration with OverClocked ReMix, a non­profit organization and website founded in 1999 with the goal of preserving and appreciating video game music from all eras.

The instrument features the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, NES, Sega Master System, GB, GEN, and SNES game systems, all recorded in fine detail from the actual hardware. Where most retro plugins use emulations of these sound chips, Super Audio Cart features actual output captured with a variety of software and hardware tools, offering the most authentic possible sound.

The Kontakt powered engine allows access to the full set of sound sources in a 4-layer architecture with independent controls, FX racks, and poly-arpeggiator/sequencer for each layer.

Over a dozen filter models are available, along with custom mapping and performance controls, volume/pitch/filter envelopes, and a mighty 64-slot modulation matrix. But you don’t need to be a sound designer to use it – every patch uses the performance XY pad and mod wheel for instant sound variation.

To make use of all these sounds and featured Impact Soundworks created over 1,000 factory snapshots, including authentic presets and modern ones. The latter category ranges from dirty basses, motion pads, risers, and falls, to drum loops, rhythmic sequences, experimental FX, keys and much more.

Splice Sounds

At a glance

  • Four independent sound source layers
  • Integrated sound source browser
  • Over a dozen filter models
  • 5 FX racks with 8 modules each
  • Includes custom SNESVERB
  • Poly arpeggiator, gate & sequencer
  • 64-slot modulation matrix

How does it sound?
Listen for yourself below…

Price and compatibility
Super Audio Cart is available for $149 and supports the free cross-platform Kontakt Player engine, as well as the NKS control standard for Komplete Kontrol & Maschine.
To read more and buy the instrument, please visit the official website.


Time to play?
If reading about all these Eighties classics made you crave some action, how about picking some fun item from this retro gaming list? It’s never too late…

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