Soundgym – Play And Train Your Ears

You work hard on your biceps but you don’t pay the same attention to your ears? Well, in this day and age you have no excuses.

Recently we’ve covered iZotope’s Pro Audio Essentials and today we would like to introduce SoundGym, a new online audio ear training platform for music producers and sound engineers.

Through a series of games, Soundgym will train you to detect subtle sound nuances, enhance listening resolution, and help you get better sounding mixes and music productions.

Let’s play
Each game is focused on improving a specific skill (frequency detection, compression, coloration, gain difference detection, spatial impression and much more). Not only Soundgym allows you to take a daily audio workout and track your progress but you can also play social: follow your friends, compare scores with others and even win prizes!

The Soundgym is constantly adding new features: they just launched a new sound game and new features.

Delay Control: New Sound Game
‘Delay Control’ is the 7th sound game on SoundGym. It will help you to detect delay time accurately and get better timing in your mixes and music. Delay Control is a Pro game and it is now available for SoundGym Pro members.

Train your ears with Artist Sounds
The ‘Training Sounds’ section was totally revamped. You can now train with new artist sounds from various genres. Six artist training packs were added: Vintage Trance by JogiVinyl, Industrial Techno by Dark As Hell, Indie Prog Rock by Vanessa Ondine, Electronica by Gingold X, Electro Rock by Aurganic and Deep House by Omer Grinker.

New ways to use your Soundcoins
While training and playing sound games on SoundGym you earn SoundCoins. You can now use your SoundCoins to get discounts for online courses, tutorials, audio software and soundware.

A quick try
I gave Soundgym a quick try today and I found it well executed, feature-rich and fun to use (I liked the retro gaming approach too!). With regular use of a tool like this, I’m sure many users would be able to better (and more quickly) analyze and discern the audio content they’re working on.
It will be interesting to see what the Soundgym team has in store for the next months.

Basic membership is Free, just create an account on

Subscribe to the Pro plan to get the full training program with more games, personalized workouts, focused training, premium sounds, and much more.
Pro membership costs $14.95/month or $119/year.

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