Sculpt – New Multi-Band Distortion For The Eventide H9

Here at ANR we are big fans of the Eventide H9 (also featured in our 2015 Sonic Joy awards) and we’re always excited when there’s a new algorithm in town.

Some months ago we covered the release of the inspiring SpaceTime, a 3-in-1 sound-design gem with reverb, delay and modulation.

Splice Rent-to-Own

Today Eventide got in touch with us to announce Sculpt, a multi-band distortion algorithm that, in their words “provides musicians with a degree of control that would otherwise require 3 or 4 pedals or complex plug-ins.
Sculpt is the second overdrive/distortion based effect created for the Eventide H9 platform, following the critically acclaimed CrushStation launched last year.”

Sculpt does exactly what is says on the tin: it gives players precise control over their gain structure. It does this by carving the audio signal into high and low-frequency bands and then allowing different levels of gain and filtering for each.

While Sculpt was created with guitar players in mind, I’m looking forward to hearing it in use also with synths and percussions.


  • Adjustable crossover frequency (where the low and high bands are split).
  • Separate drive controls for low and high band signals.
  • Apply compression before or after distortion.
  • Compression ratio, attack and release are automatically adjusted to keep overall volume consistent.
  • Follows a player’s style and compliments their playing with tunable peaking filters.
  • Filters can be placed before or after distortion.
  • Supports single or dual amp setups. Stereo out mode features unique spectral panning effects that spread the high and low bands out into the left and right channels.
  • Boost a group of frequencies before the gain circuit and cut it afterward. (Or vice versa.)
  • Unique view in H9 Control that allows you to visualize and control the parameters of the effect in real-time.
  • 21 factory & artist presets that include: Chisel, Dissect, Sculpt da Bass and more.


Eventide will be demoing Sculpt this weekend at the 2016 Summer NAMM show in Nashville (June 23-25).
Users can demo the algorithm and its presets by downloading the latest version of the H9 Control app for Mac, PC and iOS devices.

Splice Sounds

Sculpt is priced at $19.99 for owners of H9 and H9 Core and is free for owners of H9 Max. For further details please visit the Sculpt web page.

Where to buy?
If you still haven’t got this amazing pedal, please consider supporting our work and buying the H9 Max from Amazon.

If you’re not an Amazon customer you can also buy the H9 from other partners in the USUK/EU

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