Reactable ROTOR – New iPad App With Tangible Controllers Coming This Summer

Remember the reactable, the musical modular table that made headlines 9 years ago or so (yes, with Bjork and so on…) and appeared a few years later as a mobile app for iOS? Well, it looks like the guys from the reactable team have something interesting in store for us.

They just published a teaser video for a new iOS app, ROTOR. In their words ROTOR “extends upon the unique interaction and the genuine modular approach once popularized by the reactable tabletop”.

iPad music meets tangible controllers
Thanks to the physical control objects conceived for the iPad, Reactable ROTOR brings the unique tangible experience of the Reactable Live for the first time to your favorite tablet.

The cool thing is that with ROTOR you will be able to use both its tangible pucks AND your fingers – the standard multi-touch capabilities are preserved!

What is it exactly?
Reactable ROTOR is described as a full-fledged synthesizer/DAW especially designed for real-time performance, with loop players, synthesizers, filters and advanced effects, low-frequency oscillators and sequencers.

Reactable ROTOR features the Ableton Link technology, which allows you to play in sync with Ableton Live, as well as with other Ableton Link compatible iOS apps (and other ROTOR users, of course!).

As expected, given the features mentioned above, Reactable ROTOR is quite CPU-intensive. It’s actually been designed with the iPad Pro in mind, but it will run smoothly on any iPad device fitted with an A7 or later processor (that means iPad Air or newer).

According to the teaser, Reactable ROTOR should be released in the summer. For more information, please visit the official website.

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