Native Instrument Blocks 1.2 For REAKTOR Adds CV and MIDI Connectivity – Integrate Your Entire Setup With Blocks

It’s a mad, mad world. Who would have thought (even not so long ago) that we would have been able to integrate computers (and audio plugins) with hardware devices like modular synths (via CV), mobile devices and controllers (like Maschine)?

Regarding the integration of hardware and DAW, most of us are already familiar with the brilliant products of companies like Expert Sleepers.

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Well, today Native Instruments released the 1.2 update of REAKTOR’s Blocks, making things potentially much easier for all ‘hybrid producers’.

The update introduces new CV and MIDI connectivity. Calibrate pitch signals for accurate use with external hardware oscillators, use Blocks to convert any signal into gates and triggers, and send pitch, gate, and modulation signals from a Blocks patch to REAKTOR’s MIDI out.

Watch the new performance video now to get a taste of what’s possible.

Send pitch CV and Gate signals to external hardware. Convenient auto-calibration tunes oscillators and calibrates the pitch CV signal that gets sent out of REAKTOR via your DC-coupled converter. Calibration can be saved per snapshot.

Generate up to four gates and triggers from incoming signals. Perfect for pinging filters, triggering function generators and envelopes, clocking sequencers and much more. Connect external modular gear or use them internally in your Blocks patches.

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This dedicated Blocks module converts pitch and gate information from any Blocks patch into MIDI signals which you can then send to external MIDI gear. The module also functions as a four-channel CV to MIDI CC converter.

Here’s how you can use Blocks signals to control CV (video courtesy of Kadenze – see also our coverage of Kadenze’s REAKTOR course)

The free Blocks 1.2 update is available to owners of REAKTOR 6.

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