KMI K-MIX Update: New Features & iOS Compatibility – Multitrack Recording With The iPad (Video)

If you are an iOS musician and on the fence about buying the KMI K-MIX, we have good news.

Last week Keith McMillen Instruments announced the availability of K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X for its K-Mix (see our KMI K-MIX review) — improving its K-MIX 8 In 10 Out Audio Interface Programmable Mixer by bringing about a whole host of new features, including iOS support.

Yes, despite the lack of a proper editor, the K-MIX now works with iOS (at least with iOS 9, I couldn’t test previous versions of the OS).
I shot a quick video of a multitrack recording session (using Auria, an Elektron Analog Keys, a Teenage Engineering OP-1 and a kalimba with a Korg Contact Mic through the Eventide Space). Just consider this a proof-of-concept experiment.

In my experience the recording session was flawless: Auria (check also our Aurio Pro review) automatically recognized the K-MIX, I just had to record-enable the tracks and press record. No configuration or settings were harmed in the making of this recording 😉

Playing back the recorded tracks through the K-MIX worked fine as well. I just couldn’t get the headphone output of the K-MIX to work (I had to use the iPad’s one). Not sure if this is a software issue, I will ask the KMI guys.

I also used the K-MIX with music player apps on the iPad in the following days. Doing so, I’ve noticed a weird issue. The unit seems to go silent every once in awhile (after not being used for some time), despite being connected and recognized by iOS. These are still early days for the K-MIX and iOS, and I’m sure the next software update will fix this issue. Stay tuned for further K-MIX & iOS updates.

Note: when connected to the iPad, the K-MIX needs its small power supply (or a powered USB hub). The K-MIX cannot charge the iPad.
Please check out the manual for further details.

K-MIX users will be pleased to know that the K-MIX Editor v1.2 for Mac OS X software/firmware update duly delivered an abundance of new features for the benefit of all users, iOS or otherwise:

– Stereo Pairing added as a replacement for Fader Groups (editor and firmware)
– low/mid/high Phones Gain Level switch now defaults to mid (editor and firmware)
– Pass Thru can now be enabled separately for faders and rotaries (editor and firmware)
– added Expander Control switch settable from the editor defaults to off (editor and firmware)
– added Bypass + parameter reset functionality — holding the Byps button and tapping a parameter now resets/normalizes that parameter (firmware)
– Analog Clipping indication is now present in Input mode when VU is enabled (firmware).

How about Windows?
Fortunately for PC users, Keith McMillen Instruments is also keen to stress that the K-MIX will soon be Windows compatible following an upcoming update.

Where to buy?
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