iZotope RX 5 Review – A Large Step Forward For The Go-To Audio Repair Suite

RX 5 is a large step forward from previous iterations, and truly is a go-to audio repair suite. There’s not much unwanted sound that can’t be hidden, or completely removed from audio files, with careful and considered use of the processes available. Sometimes it’s jaw-dropping as unwanted sound does a magic disappearing act.

One thing I particularly liked was the attention to artifacts, and the ability to smooth over the digital glitching, and not have as much warbling that can happen when you start playing with Spectra. It felt like this issue has really been worked on, and you now have more room to attenuate or remove audio before you start to hear artifacts.

There is a steep learning curve to get the most out of the software, but considering the user base, the flexibility you get with the required study pays off massively. If you work in post, or are looking for a great audio editor for your DAW, you can’t go wrong with RX 5.

I feel that Izotope has considered all possible markets, providing a useful but slightly cut down version at $349, and the bells and whistles version at $1,199.
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Price and Compatibility
Buy RX 5 Audio Editor – $349 – NOW ON SALE $244!
Buy RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor – $1199 – NOW ON SALE $744!
Mac OS X – 10.8 – latest
Win – 7,8,10
Plugin host compatible with – Pro Tools (10 – 12.3), Nuendo 6.5, Media Composer 7.0.4, Premiere Pro CC 2015, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve 12, Media Composer 8.4.1, Audition CC 2015, Logic Pro X, Cubase 8.0, Sony Sound Forge 11+.

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