iZotope RX 5 Review – A Large Step Forward For The Go-To Audio Repair Suite

De-Clip – This module deals with removing clipping, digital or analog. If you’ve overblown the gain on the singer, or the audio you’ve received is overloaded and clipping all over the place, De-clip re-draws the sound waves that are flattened and removes the sound of clipping. Here’s an incredible demo from Izotope:

De-click – I found this the most useful on vocalists singing. Clicks and tiny pops from mouth movement and saliva are dealt with efficiently with this plugin. There are a couple of different algorithms for different kinds of clicks, from single band narrow digital, to multi-band wide spectra clicks, or from regular to randomly repeated clicks.

– if there are many clicks close together, this is the module to go to. Crackling, like vinyl, requires different algorithms than the click function.

De-hum – This module is useful for removing any steady background tone – be it ground hum on guitars, to internal electronics on crappy recording gear. you can set a base frequency (most common being 50 and 60z; ground tones for Europe and US. Or you can find a little sample of the hum , and it removes it very successfully. Here’s an example:

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