Puremix.net – Masterclass in NYC With Fab DuPont, New Tutorial Based On Pharrell’s “Gust of Wind” & Sale!

The guys at Puremix.net are on a roll lately: they recently launched the 2.0 version of their website and today they got in touch with us to announce some more good news.

One Day Mixing Masterclass with Fab Dupont in NYC
A rare opportunity to see a master mixing engineer at work. On May 22, Puremix.net offers a one day mixing masterclass with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Fab Dupont (among his credits: Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, David Crosby, DJ Colette, Shakira, Bon Jovi, Marc Anthony, Sean Lennon, John Travolta, Kirk Whalum, Nat King Cole, The Dø and more) at Flux Studios in New York City. 16 students will get to sit next to him, see him mix and interact with him.

You will get an unedited look at how a pro handles the same challenges you faced when you mixed the same song. It is a unique chance to directly compare your mix decisions and workflow using stems you’re already familiar with.

What’s different about this masterclass is Fab won’t just be walking you through a mix. In the morning session, he’ll review every student’s best mix and offer the whole class suggestions on how to improve their mixes.

Then in the afternoon, he’ll mix the Indaba mixing contest song “Face Your Fear or Die” by Vifolly from scratch while answering questions and pointing out tips and tricks as he mixes. (Don’t worry if you missed the contest, the stems will be provided for you as soon as you confirm your seat)


The $990 enrollment fee includes:

  • An intense day of listening, mixing, learning, and connecting with Fab Dupont in his personal studio
  • One-on-one mix feedback from Fab Dupont on your best mix.
  • Stems to the song provided before the event so you’re already familiar with the material
  • Catered lunch and a pizza party with champagne on the rooftop for dinner
  • A 3-month Pro Membership to pureMix.net (worth $89)
  • A pureMix USB thumb drive with Fab’s Final Pro Tools session

NOTE: Travel and accommodation are NOT included.

Deadline for the application: May 9th. For next Puremix events, keep an eye on their Masterclass web page.


Inside The Mix: Pharrell Williams & Daft Punk

Mick Guzauski is the Grammy winning mixing engineer behind the recent Pharrell’s hit “Gust of Wind” featuring Daft Punk. In this video tutorial, Mick Guzauski opens up his final mixing session and gives you a look into how he polished Pharrell’s production. Why this tutorial? Unlike most other mixing tutorials, this one focuses on the engineer’s process when receiving a session that already has a strong creative vision, and on his skills in taking the song to another level with his mix.

You’ll be able to hear how Mick worked layer by layer to bring this song to life and gain insights on how a multi-platinum engineer takes a great sounding production and turns it into a hit record.

Note: This tutorial does not include the multitrack stems as per the artist’s request.

Read more and watch this tutorial here.


Custom Bundles Sale

Until May 15th, Puremix.net allows you to pick premade tutorial bundles or create your own and save up to 40% on their regular prices. The more tutorials added to your cart the bigger the discount!
A great chance to save money on some of the best online mixing and production tutorials, don’t miss out!