Kwaya – Authentic African Voices For Film Composers, Producers & Sound Designers

Kwaya is a new, unique choir library offering authentic African voices and chants. The producer, Eduardo Tarilonte, is well known for his vocal library series and Kwaya is no exception.

This time, Tarilonte has focused on the distinctive qualities of Uganda’s voices. With Aba Taano, Eduardo Tarilonte has found the perfect choir for this long and intensely prepared project.

Kwaya is a great option for every producer needing to use expressive African chants and vocals in their works. If you’re working on movie- or television-soundtracks, documentaries, musical compositions, atmospheric ambient themes or tribal-dance-tracks.

Kwaya allows you to create individual vocal lines and choirs by arranging syllables in different pitches as well as voice effects with the typical sound of African vocalists.
The awarded Aba Taano choir consists of four male and two female vocalists which have been recorded separately for this library in Kontakt 5 Player format, allowing you to create individual vocal ensembles to your specific needs. Being able to freely set the level and pan-positions for each voice, you are given full control over the sound of the choir, resulting in the highest possible versatility.

Speaking of versatility, 40 different syllables have been recorded for each singer. These can be switched by using key switches. All syllables can be played as solo voices or within an ensemble.

Last but not least, Kwaya won’t stress your hard drive space (forget some of those giant modern libraries and their crazy requirements!): Kwaya is founded upon over 10,000 samples and 7 GB of data (lossless compressed to 5 GB).

Pricing and compatibility
MSRP € 259.- $ 259.- £199. AAX native, AU, Mac, RTAS, Standalone, VST, Win
No extra software required: the latest NI Kontakt Player is included in this product.

Where to buy
To read more and buy Kwaya, please visit the official website.

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