RADIOOOOO – An Amazing Musical Time Machine!

Remember when you started using the internet and everything was like… ‘wow’? Well, this was more or less my reaction when I launched RADIOOOOO on my computer earlier today.

RADIOOOOO is a musical time machine that allows listeners from all over the world to discover musical treasures from any country over a century and more thanks to its innovative and playful system!

The project was created by Benjamin Moreau and originally launched (without success) on Indiegogo a couple of years ago.

In Benjamin’s words “listening to music is always a journey, a teleportation, a trip. Including a map of the world was therefore obvious. It would allow you to wander through the globe and let yourself get carried away to new and different horizons by the music. The concept of the radio was also interesting as it seems obsolete today. In an interactive world, where everything is about efficiency, the radio is the antipode of the internet. No choice to be made, no research possible, it’s something that is imposed on you.”

RADIOOOOO is the best thing you’ll see on your browser this week (this year?). The interface is easy on the eyes and pretty straightforward. Just pick a country, a decade from the 1900s to today and let yourself get carried away by the most beautiful musical library the world has to offer.
Also, have fun sampling some of the stuff you hear. I found some fantastic tunes that I immediately chopped with the OP-1 and Samplr on the iPad!

You can also download the RADIOOOOO free app for iOS and Android devices.

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