Elastic Drums Update With Separate Channels Export

A new update is available for one of our favorite iOS apps, Elastic Drums (see our Elastic Drums review). In particular, I find the new separate channels export feature quite helpful. Many users like further processing their percussive tracks within their DAWs, using dedicated compressors, EQs, filters, etc.

Here is what’s new in Elastic Drums 1.7.4:

* debugged swing function
* reworked jam screen with xy pad for master effects
* Song audio recording starts from pattern 1 now
* Now you can audio record all 6 drum channels separate additionally to the master output record. The recordings will land in your documents folder, accessible via iTunes
* New presets from Shadow Dancer

Get the app here. Here is a short video with the new stuff

Also, check out the recent short jam session from SUPERBOOTH16 with the full MusikAppManufaktur (Elastic Drums, TriqTraq, Modstep, zMors Modular) in action.


You know, developers don’t just write code, they like to rock the house too!

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