The Sampling Handbook – How To Create, Package And Sell Your Sample Libraries

sampling-handbookBadCat samples founder Marcus Huyskens joined forces with Emmett Cooke of VSTBuzz and Sam Windell of FrozenPlain to release an educational pack containing a large pile of content towards creating, packaging and selling your own sample libraries.

There are three levels of package to buy: Solo, developer and premium bundle. The Solo bundle provides the main ebook, which takes you through the process of recording and editing samples, and then programming them into Native instrument’s Kontakt sample player. The top level gives you the same ebook as an audiobook, alongside further educational material covering all the necessary areas needed to sell your product, such as a beginners guide to scripting for Kontakt, and training on sales and marketing, web hosting and eCommerce tactics. There’s also a link to video training.


The book is simply laid out, and very easy to follow. It starts right at the beginning of the entire process of creating a library of your own, taking you through how to think about setting up and plan well before even starting, to save yourself a lot of issues throughout the process. Then, it works through the tracking, editing, and programming for Kontakt. There are a lot of useful little tips that you might not consider before beginning the endeavour, potentially saving yourself a lot of heartache and time.

Another PDF outlines the scripting of your library within Kontakt, to make it look pretty, and also arrange the access to the relevant control parameters. This is the element of the process for me that actually requires some hard work – scripting is coding, however you shape it. Scripting for Kontakt is not the hardest coding out there, but if you’re not familiar with the process, it’s work to figure out. The PDF included is copious in depth, covering all the basics.

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The book is excellent for setting yourself up for making a great product. Once you have a product you feel is worth selling, there’s another great set pair of PDFs for strategies and tips for creating a website and selling point for your product.

These books cover a large amount of ground. If you’re serious about creating some of your own sample products, and you’re wanting to market, and sell them, the information found here is invaluable. A lot of points are covered that would save you from startup problems that you might not see coming – preparing you for all you need to know that you might not be aware of. How to set up a website to display your product, how to choose the right platform to sell the libraries, with recommended hosting providers, commerce tools, with examples using some of the mentioned tools. How to find the right price to sell, how to copywrite, systems for increasing revenue, email marketing, social advertising, etc. It’s all laid out to walk you through what could be a sticky process, and simplify it down to the essential elements to help you get set up.

If you can’t be bothered to read, much of the content is covered within the audiobook, the audio interview, and the link to several videos that demonstrate most of what’s been written within the main sampling handbook. All very useful stuff.

The sampling handbook package is extremely useful content, if you’re serious about entering the world of sample library creation. Gleaned from several years of successful creators having made their own path, mistakes and all, The Sampling Handbook will give you all you need to get forging your own stamp on the sample library world. Get creating!

You can out more about the sampling handbook here.

Solo edition 39Eur
Developer bundle 129Eur
Premium bundle 199Eur

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