Play With Space & Save – Get Eventide Blackhole For $49!

Blackhole is an extraordinary and unique reverb algorithm, originally featured in Eventide’s DSP4000 and H8000 flagship processors, then later in the Space stompbox (a must for any sound sculpting fan, by the way!) and in the eponymous VST/AU/AAX plugin.

When I say ‘a unique reverb’, well, I mean it. Blackhole is all about alien, virtual spaces that could never exist in our reality. This plugin is no bread and butter reverb. This is for those musicians and producers who love experimenting with sound. Also, some of Blackhole’s automatable features (like the ribbon and hotswitch controls) make this plugin more than just a static effect. Blackhole can be ‘played’ like an instrument, and this can add unexpected and inspiring results to your session.

I love using it on electronic textures, strings and pads, but it can do fantastic things on vocals as well. It also features lots of excellent presets (Richard Devine, Flood & Alan Moulder, Vernon Reid, Jonsi & Alex from Sigur Rós and John Agnello).

If you’re not familiar with Blackhole, the following videos will give you an idea of what it can do

The good news is that now you can have the Blackhole plugin for only $49 until March 31, 2016 (MSRP $199). A no-brainer, if you ask me. Owners of Anthology X qualify for the crossgrade price of $19.
A fully-functional, 30-day demo is available at any time.

Mac OSX 10.7+, Windows 7+. Available in AAX, VST and AU formats. No iLok dongle required.

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