Goldbaby Meets Casio MT40 – Digital Dancehall Revolution


Image by sync508

The MT40 was a keyboard for the consumer market, launched by Casio in 1981. It came with 22 sound presets, six rhythms and a mini bass keyboard. Now, how come such a ‘harmless’ keyboard made history? Well, its fame is due to one of the rhythms (or should we say riddims?). This ‘rock’ preset was used with its accompainment to create a song called Under Mi Sleng Teng, that kicked off the digital Dancehall revolution and inspired countless imitations over the years (if you would like to read more about this fascinating story, look no further than this Engadget post from last year).

Among other artists, The Magnetic Fields ( an indie fave of mine!) also made extensive use of the Casio MT40.

A gold miner like Goldbaby couldn’t help but give this little keyboard its usual treatment. After all, the MT40 drums are lo-fi and nicely punchy. The bass is warm and very distinctive. The keyboard instruments are based on two mixed variable pulse square waves, with digital envelopes and a low pass filter.

Using his studio full of tasty analog hardware, Goldbaby sampled all the drum sounds as single drum hits and loops ( Rex, Apple and Wav). He has also sampled the bass sound with four different signal chains and multi-sampled 16 of the keyboard tones.

The MT40 sound pack features kits and instruments for Ableton Live, Geist, Battery, Reason, Logic Pro, Kontakt and Maschine.


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