Skoove, Online Piano Lessons – 50% Off For ANR Readers

A couple of months ago we have introduced Skoove, a new online piano lessons platform.

As I’ve mentioned in our Skoove review, I’ve really enjoyed testing it during my Christmas holidays.
Skoove is web-app based, and offers a compelling experience (if you’ve used other learning platforms, like Duolingo, you’ll know what I mean). I wish I had something like this when I started learning the piano!

50% off with Skoove Premium
Skoove’s web app works with any e-piano or keyboard (support for acoustic piano is coming soon too, it’s in beta right now!) helping you learn how to read music, giving you real-time feedback, and adapting to your pace as you learn.

Watch how Skoove works

Skoove Basic, the free tier, allows users to sample a few lessons in each course.
Trust me, after sampling a few free lessons, you’ll want to go for the Premium subscription, and that’s where we can help!

We’re offering all ANR readers an exclusive 50% off Skoove’s Premium monthly subscription – that’s only €4.95 / $4.95 / £3.95 a month!

Get full access to Skoove’s exclusive, curated courses, one on one learning support, and new lessons and music theory tips and tricks added every month.

To redeem this offer
– Sign up on
– Click on your Account Settings and enter coupon code ANR-2016 under the payment form
– Start learning the piano today!
– Buy us a beer later!

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