Silver Is Cheaper Than Ever At Elektron – Price Reduction For Machinedrum & Monomachine

Elektron has just announced a permanent price reduction on their silver machines, the venerable Machinedrum, Machinedrum UW and Monomachine.

If you’re wondering, the reason is that they’re simply over-stocked, no new model on the horizon.

Elektron also added a clear hint about the future of these machines: “let us remember that the Machinedrum and Monomachine won’t be around forever.”

It’s likely that both machines are going to be discontinued once the stocks are gone or not long after that.

The new prices are:
Machinedrum UW*: 1099 EUR | 999 USD
Machinedrum: 699 EUR | 599 USD
Monomachine: 899 EUR | 799 USD

If these machines have been on your wishlist for years, this is the right time to buy. It’s safe to assume they will be the new eBay vintage classics in the 2020s.

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