How To Become A DJ – Complete DJ Method By DJ Shortee & Groove3

In the Seventies and in the Eighties, kids wanted to be an astronaut. Nowadays they just want to become a DJ. Sign of the times…
The thing is, schools can be expensive. So, you can either learn by trial and error or… check out the Complete DJ Method, created by DJ Shortee and Groove3.

We covered Groove3 in the past. It’s one of our favorite online Pro Audio tutorial providers, offering high-quality videos about today’s DAWs, plug-ins, recording, production, mixing, and mastering techniques.

DJ Shortee is a multi-genre DJ, turntablist (she scratches like a m***erf***r!), music producer, author, and DJ instructor. She has taught for the Grammy Foundation, Dubspot, Scratch DJ Academy, Serato, Rane, Turntable U, SAE Institute, and more.

For her Complete DJ Method, DJ Shortee has developed over 50 tutorials for all skill levels.

In this course, there’s literally something for everyone. Shortee’s Complete DJ Method covers turntables, CDJs, various DJ mixers, DJ controllers (Serato and Traktor), various DJ software (Serato DJ, Traktor Pro, Traktor Scratch Pro, Rekordbox, Rekordbox DJ, and Mixed In Key), music theory, mixing, harmonic mixing, trick mixing, scratching, beat juggling, remixing, video mixing, and more.

These are the first six courses already available on Groove 3:

  • DJ Gear: Turntables & Mixer
  • DJ Gear: CDJs & Mixer
  • DJ Gear: Serato Controller – Numark NV
  • Software: Traktor Pro 2
  • Software: Serato DJ
  • Software: Rekordbox

New courses will be available within the coming months.

The courses are available on Groove3 for $15/month. Wait, if you’re not familiar with Groove3 Monthly Pass, this means that with only $15 you can watch ALL the courses available on the website within the month (some Ableton Live, anyone?).

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