Arturia releases iSpark – A beat-making solution for iPad

Spark 2 is one of our favorite plugins featured in the Arturia V Collection 2 and I’m glad see the French company just released iSpark, an iPad beat-making solution inspired to its desktop bigger sister.

iSpark has been developed by Rolf Wöhrmann (the man behind nLog, Arturia iSem, etc.) and includes a large variety of drum kits and individual instruments based on the most renowned drum machines.
Check out this tutorial series from Synth Anatomy on YouTube.

How to play
In iSpark you can play drum patterns in real-time and tweak things on-the-fly, thanks to the easy access to the main sound parameters.
A 64-step sequencer is also included, and it features an automation tool to draw easily modulation curves.

Once you have a series of patterns, you can chain them in Song mode. Just drag, drop and listen! Icing on the cake, the always welcome XY modulation touchpad!

Custom drums
Like in Spark 2, iSpark allows you to customize your kits. For each instrument, you can choose the samples that are used and adjust a comprehensive list of parameters. Spark 2 is pretty crazy in that regard, and it’s great to see iSpark inherited that flexibility.

Connectivity and compatibility
Arturia iSpark supports Link, MIDI Sync (master/slave), IAA, AudioBus, WIST. It works also with the Arturia SparkLE Controller (buy SparkleLE in the US or in UK).
If you have Spark 2, you’ll be happy to know that iSpark allows you to share projects, kits and instruments between the two.

Intro Price
Buy Arturia iSpark clicking on the button below here (and support ANR with your purchase, thanks!).

We’ll have more on Arturia iSpark soon, stay tuned!

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