The Eventide H9 Gets Awesomer – SpaceTime Coming Soon

You may have noticed the Eventide H9 Max in our recent Sonic Joy 2015 Awards. Well, it couldn’t have been otherwise. This multi effects pedal is ‘minimalist design meets maximalist sound features’ at its best.

A one-knob user interface for effect editing and preset selection, two footswitches, a pristine yet sturdy white case and a processor chock-full of Eventide’s magic (not to mention the full MIDI control, an iOS editor, etc.).

If you already own an H9 or you’re thinking about it, well, the folks at Eventide have good news for you: SpaceTime, a new Modulation / Delay / Reverb algorithm for Eventide’s H9 Core, H9, and H9 MAX stompboxes.

Basically, with SpaceTime it’s like getting three stompboxes in one: a chorus-like modulation effect, a delay based on the Eventide Timefactor Vintage Delay and a reverb based on the Eventide Space Plate and the UltraReverb plug-in.

SpaceTime will be available in the next few weeks. You can see a guitar-based demo here:

We’re looking forward to trying this out with some of our synthesizers. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on the H9 Max yet, it looks like with SpaceTime you have one more reason to do it (H9 Max users will get it for free, yay!). Just saying…

Where to buy?
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