Moog Mother-32 Plays Well With Others – A Video Collection

Moog Mother 32 videos
In our recent Moog Mother-32 review we wanted to feature a few more videos that show this new analog little gem from Moog interacting with other devices (synths, drum-machines, sequencers, etc.).

Space was limited though, so we decided to dedicate a separate post to this. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to add more in the comments.

Soleri Apse Acid Jam

From the description “Jacques Greene shows Mother-32 as a component of a minimal-hardware integrated-system. Mother-32’s internal sequencer is clocked from the Elektron Octatrack via MIDI, while simultaneously receiving a filter-modulating analog control voltage from the TB-303. An Eventide Reverb is used to impart a spacial depth to the piece.”

Moog Mother-32 + Arturia Microbrute

From the description: “A quick little jam has the Mother shaking hands wih the ‘Brute. The Mother 32 is gating the Microbrute, and also I believe the LFO(?) out from the Mother is modulating one of the Microbrute inputs like PWM or Saw.”

Moog Mother-32 with Korg SQ-1

From the description “Sequencing the Mother 32 with the Korg SQ-1. Connect the Korg’s CV-A out to the Mother 32’s VCO 1V/OCT in. And connect Gate to Gate.”

Mother-32 Jazz Rhodes Piano Improv (SUB 37, MAKE NOISE, 4MS, KORG SV-1)

Moog Mother-32 and the Eurorack Modular Environment

From the description “in this video we explore the possibilities of the the new Moog Mother-32 semi-modular analog synthesizer hosted within Eurorack modular system. Once it has been removed from its original case/psu, the M32 integrates with standard Eurorack power systems with a header for a ribbon cable on the rear. In this demonstation, it has been installed in an Enclave case and is powered by the cases internal power supply.”

Mother-32 meets Voyager & Little Phatty

From the description “Control Voltage connection and communication with other members of the Moog family. Only CV no Midi.”

Kilpatrick Audio Phenol + Moog Mother-32 (x3) – Live PA Test

From the description “I have an upcoming performance requiring me to do more “ambient” type of stuff, so this is just sort of a sneak peak of me trying out ideas for it. Effects used:

• Phenol – Its own built-in delay
• Top Mother-32 – Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo
• Middle Mother-32 – Eventide H9
• Bottom Mother-32 – Direct to small Behringer Mixer with the Strymon blueSky Reverberator in the effects loop of the mixer (that way I can also send the other synths to the blueSky by turning up the mixer’s FX knob on each synth channel.)

Moog Mother-32 controlling Nord Drum 

Channels of Nord Drum are triggered by Mother’s signals respectively:

Ch1 – GATE
Ch2 – VC MIX between EG and LFO TRI
Ch4 – accent

Check out our Moog Mother 32 review to read more about this synth and make sure to follow the popular Mother-32 Facebook group.

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