Modstep 1.0.2 is out – Lots Of New Features and Bugfixes

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In our recent modstep review, we praised the features and the quality of this innovative iOS sequencer.

Splice Rent-to-Own

Actually, we liked the app so much that we’ve also featured it in our Sonic Joy 2015 awards in the Best iOS App category!

We also mentioned that the developers are actively supporting it, with regular updates that provide improved features and bugfixes (nobody’s perfect, right?).

Speaking of updates, the developers just got in touch to announce the 1.0.2 version. Along with critical bugfixes, the new version of the iOS sequencer now adds audio recording, audiobus support, AudioShare, a better performance on all iPads as well as numerous tweaks and enhancements.

New features:

Splice Sounds
  • audiobus support: added 8 audiobus output channels
  • AudioShare export and recording of all tracks (hit the new tapedeck button to record all tracks with internal instruments or IAAs, the files can be found in the /Recordings/ folder and exported to AudioShare or the internal Sampler via the file browser). The recordings are quantized to the current clip quantization.
  • Improved Reverb
  • massively lower CPU usage especially older iPads will run a lot more tracks now.
  • iPad 1 support is back (unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to keep it that way!)
  • new parameter on Sampler ‘One Shot’ that disables the ADSR completely
  • Clips, Scenes and Arm, Mute, Solo, Volumes per Track are now MIDI mappable to external controllers.
  • Tempo Up/Down and Nudge are now MIDI mappable.
  • CPU meter is much more accurate now and only monitors the audio-thread.
  • Tracks will now correctly remember their MIDI setup and restore it upon load



  • IAA Effects load the proper effect now
  • IAA Effects will delete/restore fine again
  • IAAs show the proper icons in the VST when used with studiomux
  • fixed a bug that would prevent tempo changes when Ableton Link was not activated
  • fixed a bug that would cause wrong IAA fx to be loaded
  • tons of enhancements and other bugfixes
  • fixed Clip & Track Import & Export
  • new externally recorded notes and CCs will be played back immediately now

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